Monday, 17 January 2011

It's not enough to say the BNP are racist.

I was surprised to find out over the weekend that Raymond McCord is a supporter of the BNP. Raymond has been a high profile anti UVF campaigner ever since that organisation killed his son in 1997. Raymond has been universally praised for his work, carried out under constant threat from the UVF to bring his son's killers to justice and to show the UVF up for the violent criminal gang that they are.

However, his announcement that he supports the efforts of the BNP and is happy to see them involved in NI politics will overshadow his previous good works. You can't campaign as a cross community worker whilst supporting a party that has division and exclusion enshrined in its constitution. Raymond has clearly decided that, despite the reputation, the BNP aren't really racist, they're just concerned about immigration. Unfortunately, Raymond has bought into a lie and so have thousands of others.

The BNP are a racist organisation. Let there be no doubt. They always have been and always will be. They judge people based on the colour of their skin, their parents heritage and ancestry, their religion and their nationality. It is the very definition of racism. Clearly though, that has not been enough to deter people from joining and vocalising their support. The numbers they now have in membership suggest to me that people either don't believe they are racist, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are, or they just don't care.

To me, it would suggest that campaigning against the BNP on that angle is not going to be enough. We're not going to convince those who don't care about racism to stop caring and if others can't see that they are racist by now then nothing we say will be able to convince them in the future.

Fortunately, the BNP have seen fit to provide us with a vast treasure trove of ammunition with which to fight them: The policy page of their website. A quick read through gives you all you need to show just how hopeless a political outfit they really are. I'll tackle two of the biggest areas for now because frankly, to spend too long going through the BNP's policies is enough to make me want to scream.


Let's start with Immigration, where they hold up the likes of Saudi Arabia, China, India and Pakistan as models of controlled immigration. The BNP are generous enough to let certain minorities stay in Britain, providing they always stay as a minority. Quite laughably, their manifesto calls for an end to 'social engineering'. I would love for anyone within the BNP to explain how they intend to maintain certain sections of the community as minorities without any social engineering. Maybe they have difficulty understanding the terminology. 

They often refer to the 'Indigenous British' population. You may ask yourself, what do they mean by that and will be surprised that it's not all that easy to find an answer to the question on the BNP website. Those of us who have been paying attention to the BNP for some time will know that the answer used to be on the website but it isn't now. They removed it because it was explicitly racist. The answer is that the BNP believes the indigenous population of Britain is white with maybe the odd black person thrown in providing their great grandparents came from a British colony and had good British manners and knew their place. Sorry, I seem to be getting back to the racism angle. It's pretty hard to provide a critique of the BNP and not end up coming back to it!

Their plans include voluntary repatriation, aided by ''generous' grants. That sounds reasonable doesn't it? I'm sure it may to some. But what of those who don't want to go? I mean, they don't have to right? That is what voluntary means isn't it? Well, yes, but the clever old BNP have left a nice little clause in their constitution that allows for forced repatriation. It's as if they suspect all those third generation types won’t want to leave. Putting aside the racism aspect, if I can, just think about the feasibility of this policy. They are talking about putting British born citizens on a plane and making them live somewhere else. Where? Where exactly do they intend to send them? They are OUR people. Why would anywhere else take them in?

There is no detail to explain how the BNP will get round the small problem of convincing other countries to accept significant numbers of British immigrants for no matter what the BNP say, the people they refer to are British Citizens, have been all their lives, and there is no mechanism to alter that fact. When people say that the BNP have got some good ideas about immigration, assure them that their ideas about immigration are about as well thought through as just saying abracadabra, closing their eyes and hoping everyone is gone.

The Economy.

Well, this is where the BNP really let themselves down (remember, we're putting racism to one side for now). It would seem the BNP want us to build up our economy through manufacturing. A noble aim, sure, but how do they propose to do this? Well, by restricting imports firstly. That's right; we're not buying from you anymore, we're going to make it ourselves. Oh, by the way, would you mind buying what we make? It seems for the BNP that trade is a one way street. They also believe that this is the way to zero unemployment. It worked so well for North Korea after all.

Quite brilliantly they call for a return of the married man's tax allowance. You see, in a BNP Britian, Heterosexual Couples who have married are clearly deserving of preferential treatment from the taxman than those who for whatever reason have decided not to get married or indeed, are not allowed to get married. Be under no illusion; one of the BNP's targets is gay people.

There are other vague aspirations to end the International Aid Budget, pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and cut back layers of bureaucracy in government. Again, they don't spell out in any sort of detail how they plan to do this.

There's actually a very good reason why they don't publish any detail to their plans: there simply isn't any.  There can't be any because most of what they want to do is just impractical. 2 things would happen if the BNP got into power under their current manifesto. 1. Europe wouldn't wait for us to leave, we would be kicked out and most likely black listed. 2. The USA would consider us in the same light it considered South Africa during Apartheid.

All the BNP's lofty economic plans are worthless because we would be bankrupt. Not bankrupt in the sense that Ireland are currently bankrupt, but truly and deeply in the worst kind of way bankrupt. There would be no international support or rescue packages for a state that legislated to make citizens of a different colour or ethnic group second class. When people say that the BNP have some good ideas on the economy, you can point out that those good ideas include cutting off our major sources of revenue.

The BNP often cry that they are unfairly treated and given a hard time by the media. Well, the latter is certainly true but the former is not. I have no time for the BNP or their candidates and don't consider them worthy as a political party. Yes, this is a democracy and there is no law restricting speech (providing it isn't inciting violence) but there is also no law against me wanting the BNP and their horrible ideas disappear from the landscape altogether.

This won't happen unless people stop joining their gang and start leaving it. To achieve this, the strategy has to change. As the BNP strive to become more acceptable and shake off their racist tag, we have to show people that they're not just racist, they utterly incompetent, inadequate and entirely unqualified to govern.


  1. Your opinion of the BNP is that they are racist.....yet you use very little 'proof' to prove this to be true. Sure they have the odd racist...and by racist, I mean a person who hates anyone of any ethnicity other than their own. But a lot of parties have racists (90% of the elderly are racists...) though you find the racists in the BNP are highly publicised for political gain in the opposition.

    So what qualifies as racism? Being anti-immigration? Wanting a predominently British ethnic society? It really makes no sense....and even if the BNP changed its name, its leadership, its whole membership, it's policies, it'd still be 'racist' in the eye's of the people who are so lost in their own self righteousness.

  2. You strike me as the sort of person I described in the post. You either don't want to see the racism entrenched in the BNP, it's members and it's constitution or you don't care about it.

    Define for me what makes someone ethnically British. I'd really love to know the answer to that.

    If the BNP changed it's name, leadership, policies and membership then it wouldn't be the BNP any more would it, so what is your point?

  3. First, I'm an American, so I suppose it's none of my business but...

    A civilization can not exist without sacrifice. If you want food, you must grow it. If you want housing you must build it, etc.

    Now after making all these sacrifices, the government dumps a million immigrants on it who promptly turn it into a place you don't want to live in anymore. To add insult to injury, the government then makes you celebrate their culture and hero's instead of yours. Is this fair, I ask you? Although in my case it was Mexicans instead of Muslims.

    If I were British, I'd vote BNP. I don't care if they are racist jerks, they will protect me from the immigrants. If people have a problem with that they should come up with better ways to deal with the immigrants instead of pretending that the problem doesn't exist except in the minds of a few fringe far-right thinkers that just hate the color black.

  4. Ed this is still a free country and I can support what ever group I like , just because I support the BNPs policy's is no reflection on my cross-community work